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Massimo Vannozzi was born in Grosseto ( Tuscany ) town in which he lives and works. He is a Professional and Fine Art Photographer. His main works relate to the following topics: Nature  -  Landscape  -  Sports  -  Portrait  -  Wedding  - Architectural  -  Industry

He loves to take pictures inside Nature and its Landscapes.
He uses analog cameras such as Hasselblad and Leica with Black and White films and color slides. He develops and prints B.& W. photos in his personal darkroom. His favorite cameras are the Hasselblad SWC and XPAN II. He also works with digital SRL cameras. In 1999 Massimo  has received from FIAP (  Federation Internationale de L'Art Photographique ) the A.FIAP Honor ( Artiste de la FIAP ), in 2002 the E.FIAP Honor ( Excellent Artist de la FIAP ), in 2006 from FIAF (Italian Federation of Photographic Associations ) the AFI Honor ( Italian Artist Photographer ), in 2013 the E.FIAP/b Execcent Artist Bronze Level.
During these last years, He has improved his photographic knowledge with some of the most famous international Photographers such as: D.Kirkland, J.Tenneson, F.Fontana, G.Le Querrec, L.Clergue, F. Roiter, M.Galimberti and many others.

Countless were the solo and group Exhibitions of Photography in which he partecipated in Italy and around the world. Some of his works are present in Museums of Photography as Reus in Spain and Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Often Photographic Journals publish his Photos in support of specialized items.

Massimo has been Finalist at " Hasselblad Masters 2009 " Exhibition for " Landscape and Nature " Category.

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